Monday, 27 October 2014

Jameson's SA Fashion Week Opening Party

Fashion week anywhere and everywhere in the world is nothing without several of parties from pre-parties to 104682 post-parties. Most people are convinced that fashion is basically a front for an excuse to party for 5 odd days none stop and while they can't be proven right they can't be disputed either. With SA Fashion Week it has become a tradition of the industry to begin each fashion week with an opening party hosted by one of the big sponsors Jameson's, this is the kind of party where all the who's who of the industry meet up and mingle with dainty foods which can be held between your pinkie and thumb and champagne.
This season I also found myself at the Jameson's Fashion Week opening party which was held at in Sandton at a venue called Katy's Palace.
Going there I already knew a number of people who I'd see, those I wanted to bump into and those who just exist (eye roll) along with those who I was pleasantly surprised to see.
If you had always been wondering if this party is as  awesome as most television shows make it seem I'd they do no justice, there's just no way of putting so much awesomeness in a 65 second insert.
Anyone who's an avid viewer of VEntertainment would know some of the usual suspects at such soirées (clears throat) Alan and Krishen.
I had no plans to be on dancefloor as I wanted to absorb and observe the atmosphere but hey Chianosky moves those hips like ocean waves so I couldn't object when she pulled me to hit the dancefloor with her.
For the night my dear friend Mandi Strimling was supposed to be my partner in crime but she couldn't make it so I invaded Jerri Mokgofe's cool kid crew.
There's always someone who's gonna look straight in the camera even when the shot is not about them.

Freckles still remain the IT thing.

Goerge, its no fashion soiree unless there's a redhead around.
Gladly I had a camera around though I did not take as many pictures as possible but I will let the few good ones I have do the talking.
Dark Chocolate skin brother looking all so Oyum Yum! _Its Oyama 

Krishen and Alan cause... its an event :)

The Cool Crew

Yaya keeping it tidy in black

Georgie's chestisis.. cause hot tatt

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