Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cooked Up Indoors in Denim

Do you halo??

So last week I wondered all the way to Jozi streets and as always I had this concrete plan on how I wanna take pictures and share pretty much every moment with you guys either via this blog planet or the social media pages but no ripe red grapes happened and I ended up spending most of my time indoors either getting turnt or cooking up hot salsas to cure a hangover.
Well my day one in Johustleburg could only be described as a throwback to my 2013 denim fetish, early in the day I stitched together this ensemble of all things denim.
Anyone who knows me either has asked me where I got my cropped denim jacket or straight-out asked to have it which is kinda weird considering that everyone knows how much I treasure my denim even though I've been going through the dark ages where I'm seen wearing anything but colour.
Oh and I just had to go through blogger struggle 101, not having anyone who can handle a camera well around so with my dear friend who was also a bit intoxicated I got to get these pictures which are anything but good if you're going to look at them on any photography diploma level yet the blurry effect just became a thing which I wanted to make a thing of in between things hashtag BlurredLines. Lets make that a thing in excuse of friends who have no photo-taking skills whatsoever.

With your cigarette stain lies..

Monday, 27 October 2014

Amen x Fashion Week

If you're somewhat of a regular on these blog inter-streets you will remember my short rant about the Joburg based fashion label named Amen the whole fashion week saga, vampires and uncool stuff. Well you will also remember the young bits about me being all over the rainbows about finally being able to see their show in JHB which was held in Rosebank at the National Military History Museum.
And my did the hunties deliver, as I am forever battling to be on time (code: In fashion you can never be too late) again for the Amen show I was a bit off the clock yet I arrived just in time to catch the music mix by an artist called Stilo Magolide who was the music conductor for the night.
The music suddenly took a different spin, most guests were seated by now those who weren't did so and everyone armed with their smartphone or camera honed them in time to capture every fashion moment for the Insta-webs. And with me, a child who had never been the sharpest tool in a box full of tomatoes I was obviously a tad bit late in prepping my camera.

A very familiar hoarse-ish voice filled the whole area, 'Party girls don't hurt. Can't feel anything, when will I learn'... but it had an unfamiliar arrangement which ensure that no one rolled their eyes in exclamation of simplicity and over-kill. The mood was set with a couple models in red velvet robes who stood like Roman guards awaiting the royal gang to arrive. The first section began with white pieces which had some sort of avant-garde glamour overridden by high sexuality brought by the high slits or dramatic cuts which ensured plenty of skin flashing. In progression the collection became ironically lighter in black which I must say was my favourite section of the whole collection especially one bomber-like jacket with a mesh back and of course who can forget that larger than life WIIIIIDE brim hat which could've easily been the show stopper but the duo had more in store for us.
It was quite admirable of the guys to be able to pull off such a big collection and an actual show with attendees in such a short time yet I would've personally advised to have less looks which would have in turn allowed them to focus on the overall styling and accessorizing of the whole collection besides that the show was amaze-balls.
Can I get an AMEN???

Jameson's SA Fashion Week Opening Party

Fashion week anywhere and everywhere in the world is nothing without several of parties from pre-parties to 104682 post-parties. Most people are convinced that fashion is basically a front for an excuse to party for 5 odd days none stop and while they can't be proven right they can't be disputed either. With SA Fashion Week it has become a tradition of the industry to begin each fashion week with an opening party hosted by one of the big sponsors Jameson's, this is the kind of party where all the who's who of the industry meet up and mingle with dainty foods which can be held between your pinkie and thumb and champagne.
This season I also found myself at the Jameson's Fashion Week opening party which was held at in Sandton at a venue called Katy's Palace.
Going there I already knew a number of people who I'd see, those I wanted to bump into and those who just exist (eye roll) along with those who I was pleasantly surprised to see.
If you had always been wondering if this party is as  awesome as most television shows make it seem I'd they do no justice, there's just no way of putting so much awesomeness in a 65 second insert.
Anyone who's an avid viewer of VEntertainment would know some of the usual suspects at such soirées (clears throat) Alan and Krishen.
I had no plans to be on dancefloor as I wanted to absorb and observe the atmosphere but hey Chianosky moves those hips like ocean waves so I couldn't object when she pulled me to hit the dancefloor with her.
For the night my dear friend Mandi Strimling was supposed to be my partner in crime but she couldn't make it so I invaded Jerri Mokgofe's cool kid crew.
There's always someone who's gonna look straight in the camera even when the shot is not about them.

Freckles still remain the IT thing.

Goerge, its no fashion soiree unless there's a redhead around.
Gladly I had a camera around though I did not take as many pictures as possible but I will let the few good ones I have do the talking.
Dark Chocolate skin brother looking all so Oyum Yum! _Its Oyama 

Krishen and Alan cause... its an event :)

The Cool Crew

Yaya keeping it tidy in black

Georgie's chestisis.. cause hot tatt

Friday, 24 October 2014

G-Star Raw Store Opening

The front view of the store

A few weeks back I found myself at the ever amazing Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga yet again for another uber cool event, this time it was for a store opening for G-Star Raw's men's only shop which of course was attended by some of the awesome people of Durban, from media personnel to fashion consumers who just love a good party. 
On my arrival with the beautiful Kendra Hunsley of the blog Kotton and Silk we were greeted by some familiar media friends, the store's staff all dressed in G-Star Raw, a DJ at the small corner of the shop's rather minute place which begged the question was it really packed or was it just a matter of insufficient space but either way fun was had, selfies were taken.
The Happy Crew- Fay, Sandy, Kendra and Simone

Trevor Ntombela doing fashion thingz in dark florals

What made this launch special was the theme of the collection which was being introduced, one which has been curated by singer Pharrell Williams, the main aim of this collection is to promote fashion with a conscience as all the garments in the store were created using recycled plastic from the ocean thus the hash tag 'raw for the oceans'. Though the price range might seem a bit high but it makes sense considering the work which goes behind creating garments of this nature. Oh and they had photo-booth/studio typa thing happening where all the cool kids got to wear a bomber-jacket from the G-Star Raw collection, get snapped and get a branded picture printed out immediately. 
Oh hey he also smiles-Bwahaha
The handsome devil who ensured that we stay the whole night.

Overall the mingling and awesomeness sprinkling was good for a midweek unwinding though the clothes were nothing close to groundbreaking on a design aspect but I still respect the concept of responsible fashion.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Amen's First Fashion Week Show

"Amen"- uttered at the end of a prayer or hym meaning "so be it" Origin Greek (By Oxford Dictionary). In a world of creativity and arts a number of religious analogies find new meaning with the specific context in which they're used in.

A few months back when designers were due for their registration for South African Fashion Week (SAFW) Amen Couture a fashion brand headed by the creative duo Abiah Mahlase & Bradley Muttitt were denied access to showcase at SAFW solely because of the label's name.
As a language practice student I have been tempted to write an article mainly about "contextual meaning in semantics" in which one gets to understand that every existing word is higly context sensitive thus meaning no word can be simply comprehended on face value. Though I would love go on about semantics and how those in charge of selecting designers for SAFW had failed to deal with this situation accordingly but that would be at least two more LONG blog posts.
As a clapback to SAFW AMEN has opted for an independent show which will be on the 14th of October at the National Military History Museum.
As a fan of the brand's very avant-garde street aesthetic and conceptual shoots for all their campaigns which have featured the likes of rapper Riky Rick and the dancers from Vintage Cru. I am totes excited for their show.