Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cooked Up Indoors in Denim

Do you halo??

So last week I wondered all the way to Jozi streets and as always I had this concrete plan on how I wanna take pictures and share pretty much every moment with you guys either via this blog planet or the social media pages but no ripe red grapes happened and I ended up spending most of my time indoors either getting turnt or cooking up hot salsas to cure a hangover.
Well my day one in Johustleburg could only be described as a throwback to my 2013 denim fetish, early in the day I stitched together this ensemble of all things denim.
Anyone who knows me either has asked me where I got my cropped denim jacket or straight-out asked to have it which is kinda weird considering that everyone knows how much I treasure my denim even though I've been going through the dark ages where I'm seen wearing anything but colour.
Oh and I just had to go through blogger struggle 101, not having anyone who can handle a camera well around so with my dear friend who was also a bit intoxicated I got to get these pictures which are anything but good if you're going to look at them on any photography diploma level yet the blurry effect just became a thing which I wanted to make a thing of in between things hashtag BlurredLines. Lets make that a thing in excuse of friends who have no photo-taking skills whatsoever.

With your cigarette stain lies..


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