Monday, 27 October 2014

Amen x Fashion Week

If you're somewhat of a regular on these blog inter-streets you will remember my short rant about the Joburg based fashion label named Amen the whole fashion week saga, vampires and uncool stuff. Well you will also remember the young bits about me being all over the rainbows about finally being able to see their show in JHB which was held in Rosebank at the National Military History Museum.
And my did the hunties deliver, as I am forever battling to be on time (code: In fashion you can never be too late) again for the Amen show I was a bit off the clock yet I arrived just in time to catch the music mix by an artist called Stilo Magolide who was the music conductor for the night.
The music suddenly took a different spin, most guests were seated by now those who weren't did so and everyone armed with their smartphone or camera honed them in time to capture every fashion moment for the Insta-webs. And with me, a child who had never been the sharpest tool in a box full of tomatoes I was obviously a tad bit late in prepping my camera.

A very familiar hoarse-ish voice filled the whole area, 'Party girls don't hurt. Can't feel anything, when will I learn'... but it had an unfamiliar arrangement which ensure that no one rolled their eyes in exclamation of simplicity and over-kill. The mood was set with a couple models in red velvet robes who stood like Roman guards awaiting the royal gang to arrive. The first section began with white pieces which had some sort of avant-garde glamour overridden by high sexuality brought by the high slits or dramatic cuts which ensured plenty of skin flashing. In progression the collection became ironically lighter in black which I must say was my favourite section of the whole collection especially one bomber-like jacket with a mesh back and of course who can forget that larger than life WIIIIIDE brim hat which could've easily been the show stopper but the duo had more in store for us.
It was quite admirable of the guys to be able to pull off such a big collection and an actual show with attendees in such a short time yet I would've personally advised to have less looks which would have in turn allowed them to focus on the overall styling and accessorizing of the whole collection besides that the show was amaze-balls.
Can I get an AMEN???

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