Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Amen's First Fashion Week Show

"Amen"- uttered at the end of a prayer or hym meaning "so be it" Origin Greek (By Oxford Dictionary). In a world of creativity and arts a number of religious analogies find new meaning with the specific context in which they're used in.

A few months back when designers were due for their registration for South African Fashion Week (SAFW) Amen Couture a fashion brand headed by the creative duo Abiah Mahlase & Bradley Muttitt were denied access to showcase at SAFW solely because of the label's name.
As a language practice student I have been tempted to write an article mainly about "contextual meaning in semantics" in which one gets to understand that every existing word is higly context sensitive thus meaning no word can be simply comprehended on face value. Though I would love go on about semantics and how those in charge of selecting designers for SAFW had failed to deal with this situation accordingly but that would be at least two more LONG blog posts.
As a clapback to SAFW AMEN has opted for an independent show which will be on the 14th of October at the National Military History Museum.
As a fan of the brand's very avant-garde street aesthetic and conceptual shoots for all their campaigns which have featured the likes of rapper Riky Rick and the dancers from Vintage Cru. I am totes excited for their show.

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