Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Heritage of Fashion: Alles Vintage Shop x The Thrift Collection

In light of the heritage week I thought I should share about the new collaboration of two vintage shops that took place last weekend. Alles Vintage and Second Hand Shop, is a shop established in 2013 owned by the ever so beautiful Ms Caron who collects vintage items from furniture, house decor to clothes and bags. Caron has items aging all the back to the 60s with some of the items which are hardly used in this age but come as elegant antique items in one's house. I now present to you the young and stylish Ms. Emily Eales who's the founder of The Thrift Collection. Emily has had her shop for nearly two years now, yet it had been online based for all that time with the exception of the days when she sells at the iHeart Market (which I have spoke about before). Emily says "The Thrift Collection is a thrifted and vintage clothing store which is known for quality clothing and affordable prices." 

On Saturday the 21st of September both these two shops hosted us for the opening as a collaboration. And God was the clothing breathtaking, I myself as a self-confessed accessory head I was humbled by the beautiful accessories I saw there. The people were buying in bucket loads (Yass that's how affordable things are there). Literally every 15 minutes someone casually walked in with no intention to buy anything but walked out asking for assistance with holding the amount of items they had bought. 

So boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen anytime you want any item priced so reasonably that you can buy tons of it Alles x The Thrift Collection is your place.

You can find these ladies in Glenwood, on 67 Davenport Road in Durban. You can also call them at 031 201 6855. Emily: 083 277 9749, Twitter : @TheThriftCo 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fashion the streets of Durban

Another weekend came, I casually walked the streets of Durban as I would when searching for unique finds around town. Somehow this weekend Durbanites got some form of a memo; look cooler than most you'll sure stand out. Elihle in mars presents to you street fashion at it most raw form.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

iHeart Market

So this past Saturday I finally went to Durban's very own vintage fair,the I heart Market which is a market for vintage suppliers,second hand clothing sellers and fashion lovers. This mini fashion market takes place every first Saturday of the month. It serves for pretty much everyone from fashionistas who want to find unique clothing items and accessories to families who want to spend a day out because you can also find some food stalls there plus the restaurants that Moses Mabhida has.
I saw a lot of lovely items there from leather bags and cases to accessories to die for. If you love owning exclusive items which also come at low prices you should visit the I heart Market.
Well pictures tell better stories than words or maybe that's what I want to believe.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rihanna launches her Autumn '13 collection

River Island hosted an exclusive launch party on the 10th of September for the release of Rihanna's very own line, Rihanna for River Island. The party was a fashion affair hosted at the River Island shop which became more of a party place for the night.

The autumn '13 collection gives us a lot of camouflage prints,(G4Life)beanie hats and all sorts of street inspired pieces. I must say River Island couldn't have chosen a better person to collaborate with, she knows what style is and now she's giving that to the public and all those who wish to look somewhat like the superstar herself. She came to the event rocking her own line head to toe with a bold almost electric blue lipstick and obviously a new hairstyle.
Here some pictures from the party and some of my personal favorite outfits.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Holy 90s Teen Spirit

So in previous posts I've mentioned "grunge" "the 90s" and the "punk rock scene". 10.09.1991 is one of the most iconic dates in the history of Grunge Rock music. This is the date that saw the release of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" a song by the legendary grunge band of the 90s Nirvana. Rock history tells us that this song wasn't even planned for release as a lead single for the band's album titled Nevermind. Smells Like Teen Spirit did not even get much promotion prior to its release almost everyone was skeptical about it, no one foresaw it as a hit single not to mention a song that would make a whole new mark in the genre of rock music. How does this all relate with the content in my blog and genre? Read on.

Well back in April, 2013 I reinvented my look to the 90s fashion which was known as 'grunge fashion' little did I know that later in the year I'll be seeing this very trend on the international runways and mega magazines. I'm sure lately you've been hearing the name Kurt Cobain being mentioned a lot either on fashion blogs or trend alerts on magazines. This is basically the man behind the whole craze of 90s grunge both as a music genre and a fashion trend. If you think you have not heard anything from Kurt yet you've heard Jay Z's latest offering Holy Grail, think again my child. JayZ has used some lyrics from this smash hit from the 90s.
‘With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us’

90s grunge is more about the effortless dressing up with worn out jeans, camouflage, cardigans, cut off shorts, beanies, creepers and a lot of plaid. We've seen this trend from runways and in the streets from many celebrities like super model Cara Devangeline and mega pop star Rihanna. From the 90s it has hit the street fashion scene in 2013. Be sure to be keep up with the fashionable kids and rock this trend. It’s contagious fashion. 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Boy With Some Plastic Love

We all have read more than a few articles on the classic statement of owning a pair of jeans, whether it’s an article from a blog or a fashion magazine it’s a point that has been repetitively underlined. I know I always say I'm about living beyond society's expectations and standards, but with this classic wardrobe essential I have to also agree denims are any wardrobe's basic need. Let’s explore how denim clothing sits with fashion on the move in 2013.
So in the busy streets of Durban I walk on the pavements observing all the energetic movement of that young lad who's an assistant to a taxi driver, shouting one question to any pedestrian "yahamba mfethu/sis" (meaning are you going brother/sister) even when it’s so obvious that you have no intention of taking a taxi but this young urban taxi campaigner can almost get you to the urge of being convinced that you need to be in that taxi. All this happens in a rather fast pace and the cacophony of the cars hooting and the small cliques of friends laughing or chatting away each other’s' ear off could almost consume you but like Christmas morning pleasure something grasps my eye. It’s one of those 20 somethings better known as the "cool kids" sporting his all so 90s gear all paired with a distressed pair of jeans soon after that I spot another one and she's all dressed for the forever warm weather of the city but hey she just had to bring in that acid bleached denim jacket. This simply tells you of just a fraction of a day in the streets of Durban and the proven necessity of a denim piece.

Do believe me when I say this is not about Durban kids’ being out of style it’s actually about them being so much in trend yet they hardly recognize it. I'm sure we've all heard the line a denim jacket is girl's essential for that "girl next door look" ok maybe I made that up but it’s true. More to just creating the famous "girl next door look" it’s the one thing that makes your outfit very stylish yet effortless.
Celebrities have been seen rocking their best cool and effortless looks on red carpets and on everyday life with just jeans being the statement of an outfit. 2013 we're still seeing this, be it on the streets or on the runways.

I’m personally one of the people that can admit that I have what they would call a ‘denim fetish’. It can be a jacket, a pair of cut off shorts, or a shirt if it’s denim I fall deeply in love with it. Denims are and will be forever relevant.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Prima-Donnas of The Gutters

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in
the sky; in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live,
what is happening" -Coco Chanel
Indeed Coco cannot be disputed on such utterances. In today's world
fashion has been snatched by the mediocre citizen from the gutters.
These rebels are taking inspiration from past eras and eras yet to
come. It is these rebels better known as "the cool kids" that have
transformed street fashion. It’s no longer about the rich and elite
attending shows where they'll see clothes which would only be worn by
Lady Gaga.

Street fashion is about that compelling energy that comes with the
infusion of aspects from multiple eras.
The one style I have been spotting in the streets has been the 90s
Grunge trend with an infusion of vintage pieces and a hippie spirit to
round it all. It is with this trend that the youth is making
statements of non-conformity to society's norms and traditions.
Finding new ways to redefine "normal" in this age. Creating a world of
acceptance no matter who you are and where you from because no one can
be considered eccentric with every individual making their own mark
with one trend at a time.


 The 90s Grunge trend of 2013 is about bleached and worn out denims,
mash jackets, unique sneakers (more specifically Nike Air Max)
African printed accessories, cut off shorts, bandannas, chunky gold
chains, backpacks, styling beanies, dungarees and more importantly
flannel shirts which are hardly worn 'cause they're mostly used as a
way of layering by tying them around the waist.

 These are just some of the many elements which make up a credible
street look that creates a vehement expression that makes those who
are narrow minded frown at the sight of these fashion rebels.
Traditional wear has been transformed for each human to design it themselves.