Saturday, 7 September 2013

Boy With Some Plastic Love

We all have read more than a few articles on the classic statement of owning a pair of jeans, whether it’s an article from a blog or a fashion magazine it’s a point that has been repetitively underlined. I know I always say I'm about living beyond society's expectations and standards, but with this classic wardrobe essential I have to also agree denims are any wardrobe's basic need. Let’s explore how denim clothing sits with fashion on the move in 2013.
So in the busy streets of Durban I walk on the pavements observing all the energetic movement of that young lad who's an assistant to a taxi driver, shouting one question to any pedestrian "yahamba mfethu/sis" (meaning are you going brother/sister) even when it’s so obvious that you have no intention of taking a taxi but this young urban taxi campaigner can almost get you to the urge of being convinced that you need to be in that taxi. All this happens in a rather fast pace and the cacophony of the cars hooting and the small cliques of friends laughing or chatting away each other’s' ear off could almost consume you but like Christmas morning pleasure something grasps my eye. It’s one of those 20 somethings better known as the "cool kids" sporting his all so 90s gear all paired with a distressed pair of jeans soon after that I spot another one and she's all dressed for the forever warm weather of the city but hey she just had to bring in that acid bleached denim jacket. This simply tells you of just a fraction of a day in the streets of Durban and the proven necessity of a denim piece.

Do believe me when I say this is not about Durban kids’ being out of style it’s actually about them being so much in trend yet they hardly recognize it. I'm sure we've all heard the line a denim jacket is girl's essential for that "girl next door look" ok maybe I made that up but it’s true. More to just creating the famous "girl next door look" it’s the one thing that makes your outfit very stylish yet effortless.
Celebrities have been seen rocking their best cool and effortless looks on red carpets and on everyday life with just jeans being the statement of an outfit. 2013 we're still seeing this, be it on the streets or on the runways.

I’m personally one of the people that can admit that I have what they would call a ‘denim fetish’. It can be a jacket, a pair of cut off shorts, or a shirt if it’s denim I fall deeply in love with it. Denims are and will be forever relevant.

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