Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Oath By Rich Mnisi x SS 15 Campaign

Well its kind of an open-secret how much I love Rich Mnisi  Oath By Rich Mnisi, so more times than most I find myself enthralled by anything from Oath when I see it either on a magazine or a blog.
They have recently released their latest summer 15/16 campaign which features male models Rome Wepener, Christoper Kotze and Sean Tucke in aqua-esque wardrobe which all features graphic aquatic prints.
Do check out some of the shots here from the campaign. Serving #UnderWaterRealness

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Will.i.am presents Ill.i Optics

Good news for all eye wear enthusiasts and Will.i.am fans, the hitmaker recently launched a collection of eye wear wit-fully named Ill.i Optics and boy are they ill.
I have always been one to give a nod to Will.i.am's choices in fashion just like his personal style the frames have juxtapose of super futurism and a bit 80's vintage pop culture influence.
The collection was designed by the singer in collaboration with the Australian designer George Gorrow.
The video for the ad campaign which will make you feel like you just saw a glimpse of eye wear heaven stars Will.i.am all shot in grey scale.

To be honest in my opinion the optical frames are nothing close to groundbreaking but the sunglasses can be said to be quite interesting, those to me are more Will.i.am inspired and adventurous. 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


International Bank Vaults (IBV) in partnership with Gateway Theatre of Shopping will be hosting the IBV Supercar Club Charity Parade on Sunday 21 September 2014. This historic event will give 200 orphaned and underprivileged children the opportunity to be driven in a Supercar and enjoy a day of fun and adventure. The Supercar parade will start at the Pavilion Hotel and end at Palm Boulevard Umhlanga (Gateway). The IBV Supercar Charity Parade will be a World first and is validated by the Guinness World Book of Records.
IBV Supercar Club is committed to making a discernible impact by driving a Guinness World Record supercar parade event in Durban on 21 September 2014. The Supercar Club aims to break a Guinness World Record by raising R1 million through a charity parade of 200 supercars down North Beach. Each supercar owner will be accompanied by an orphaned child who will be gifted a lifetime escapade.
“We are calling all supercar owners to join us at 8am at the Pavillion Hotel for this ground-breaking event by donating their time and a gift of a ride in their supercar to an orphaned child” invites Marc Rosseau, Manager of IBV Supercar Club.
Gateway Theatre of Shopping is very proud to be associated with the IBV Supercar Parade. “Corporate Social Investment is very important to us. We fully support IBV’s vision to host 200 orphaned and underprivileged children. As corporates, it is our responsibility to stabilize the social and economic environment and we will continue to make an effort to improve the living conditions of the communities in which we operate,” Akash Maharaj, Centre Manager at Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

There is a gauge of about 3.7 million orphans in South Africa. About 150 000 children are deduced to be living in child-headed households. There is nothing more excruciating for a child than to lose a parent, not to mention losing access to social grants, education and healthcare. Added to this vicissitude is the loss of adult guidance and protection. Children without apt adult care are more likely to be abused and exploited. Many orphans and impuissant children slip further into poverty once the family’s main breadwinner dies.
All money raised from the event will benefit Children’s VIP Day, The Sunflower Fund, UNICEF and Child Welfare South Africa. Donations will be audited by Guinness World Records & proceeds by Ernst & Young.
The parade will be escorted by Harley Davidson & Ducati Bikers, and led by a helicopter formation and special police escort.

For more information please contact Marc Rosseau on 073 852 5340 or visit www.ibvsuperclub.com

LIVE IN LEVI'S Just Don't Bore Them

So lately when I found myself on my couch watching the telly (which only happens when I'm not trying to save the world or smize for imaginary cameras) I saw this interesting ad from LEVI'S "LIVE IN LEVI'S, Just Don't Bore Them" and I must ADmit this is one of the great ADs I've seen in the past few months. This came shortly after I had a conversation with a fashion mate of mine about the brand and how I have always been somewhat of a fan through the years even before I knew fashion was a thing. With no doubt the brand creates some of the best denim wear around. Now I'm not about to do a five page essay on how awesome Levi's is, cause we all know that and agree on that case closed!
If you're no avid television fan and you happen to have not seen the one minute long video do check it out here.