Tuesday, 16 September 2014

LIVE IN LEVI'S Just Don't Bore Them

So lately when I found myself on my couch watching the telly (which only happens when I'm not trying to save the world or smize for imaginary cameras) I saw this interesting ad from LEVI'S "LIVE IN LEVI'S, Just Don't Bore Them" and I must ADmit this is one of the great ADs I've seen in the past few months. This came shortly after I had a conversation with a fashion mate of mine about the brand and how I have always been somewhat of a fan through the years even before I knew fashion was a thing. With no doubt the brand creates some of the best denim wear around. Now I'm not about to do a five page essay on how awesome Levi's is, cause we all know that and agree on that case closed!
If you're no avid television fan and you happen to have not seen the one minute long video do check it out here. 

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