Friday, 7 November 2014

Let the good times roll with the Magic Company at Suncoast!

With summer approaching us already and all the fashion soirees that happen during the season you do want 
The Magic Company at SUNCOAST has undergone a R2.5 million revamp! The newly refurbished ‘magical world’ has introduced a variety of action packed activities for kids to escape to. Launched at the end of September the entertainment area has been revived with some state of the art entertainment.

The refreshed arcade brings four new kiddies rides, six New Generation Ice Ball Machines, two Batman Driving games and an 8 player Roller Coaster Penny Pusher. The highlight of the games arcade is the adventurous 4D X Rider simulator, which now includes exciting new motion sensing videos. With a variety of rides to choose from, the mini theatre boasts a large 4D plasma screen and four in-motion seats guaranteed to thrill.  

Louise Howell, Marketing Manager said, “Come out and play!” “The fun activities at The Magic Company are suitable for both adults and kiddies to enjoy so forget your age and take time-out!” she added.

In addition The Magic Company has upgraded its ticket shredder station to a four door facility to ensure efficient ticket dispensing. Get to The Magic Company located near the main entrance to the complex in close proximity to the movies…you know you want to!

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