Friday, 18 October 2013

Into Vanity x Fur

Anyone who knows me personally would know how much of a vain creature I am. As much as I am a street fashion blogger but my love for high-end fashion is undeniable. It’s like how much Kanye loves fashion yet he’s a coveted rapper and at most you’d hardly expect a person in the hip hop game blatantly come out as a fashion fundi like he has. Most of us have had that moment when we see a superstar struts around in a music video in that oversized jacket looking all Cruella De’Ville vain in fur. Some have even gone to the lengths of trying it out ourselves. Well due to the fact that some of us cannot afford that designer label version of the jacket we then had to try out the next best option available which doesn’t seem like a bad idea when the holy creature is still styled to kill on a mannequin. Only when we’ve worn it once or twice and after a few visits to the laundry do we see it looking like an orphaned anorexic squirrel on a rainy day then we realize maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all.
So where am I taking this exactly? Well in my time for self-torture which just so happen to give me joy I have been seeing hints of fur here and there. Earlier in the year Johannesburg based brand AMEN Couture unveiled it range of pure fur. From jackets to scarves and collars I found myself drooling (on both the clothes and the models hahaha). I’ve also seen a lot of my so ever fashioning girls with their clutches and handbags some with just trimmings of fur and others fully adorned with it. A few months back on one of my adventures in the city I also saw fashion-forward girls rocking chinchilla jackets which for some reason always makes me sing “Own it, but don't kill her! My jewellers are diamond rollers! My rock... chinchilla! Some more raw fun, I'm rolling like rock stars
Okay to face facts we all know we cannot be rocking fur vests or jackets in the summer heat of South Africa but I can promise to get myself one of these ‘self-love-creature items’ for next season. Note for anyone willing to join me on my Phresh off the Runway moments in fur just try not to wear both animal print and fur like you might as well go to the nearest zoo and get yourself a cage.

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