Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tempracha x Street Fashion Basics

At most street fashion is about individuals making their mark on the streets. Its may have inspirations from a lot of eclectic aspects; be it an era of the past or that is to come, people, culture, and nature. In the past years till recent times when we head off to the big runways you'd find major labels sending collections with hints and bits of street style but its very rare to find a label which looks into dedicating itself to street fashion. UMlazi's very own Sanele Cele has chosen to be one of those few brands that serve for that purpose, lets hear what he had to say when we had a chat with him about everything fashion and of course Tempracha.

1. Why "Tempracha"? And how did the name come up?
  " A lot of people have defined what appeals to their fashion personae and what influences their style and they always base it on they feelings and surroundings and forget the most important one ,the "temperature" it defines your weather ,changes the textures of your clothes and how short or long will you rock it, so we're that element sets what you will wear."

> 2. When did you start envisioning yourself as a fashion designer? Was it something that happened at young stage or it came spontaneously?
 Came at a young age use to love sketching a lot,and my mom's love for fashion and selling clothes,had a hand in me drawing cartoons who had highly detailed clothing,so all those elements had a hand in me creating who I am today .

> 3. So what's has been Tempracha's highlights so far?
  styling a sport Mathambo video in 2012 ,working with New balance as an ambassador and working Okmalumkoolkat ,and working with KingADZ a London based writer ,strategist,videographer,and having him as a mentor is a blessing man.There is a lot to count ,but to me all has been my highlight .

> 4. Who's your favorite designer locally and internationally?
  David Tlale and internationally Jeff Staple

> 5. Your views on South Africa's Street fashion?
  There are a couple of brands I respect ,but the rest is just exaggerate ,I've lost a lot of love for South African street fashion and they lack of respect for fashion.

> 6. What's in store for fashionistas from Tempracha 2014?
1st and foremost good clothes,and to those who respect and love the brand they can expect immense growth and us crossing borders still paying attention to little details and quality.

Here you have it boys and girls Sanele Cele of Tempracha has spoken. Looks like 2014 is already gonna becoming an interesting and mind you its only October.
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  1. I love that thought and ingenuity went behind choosing the name. It really shows you how committed the designers are and the type of visionary you're dealing with.
    I can't say I completely agree with the idea that there's a lack of "respect" for fashion in South Africa. I can kind of agree because all your daring, street style cool kids are all compacted into areas like Braamfontein and Long Street where as in London, it's everywhere. But I definitely think South African fashion is on the road to doing things no one else can even compete with.

  2. Love your collection and the name, checkout our website and if you are interested we can feature you on our magazine, www.ilaphulam.com