Monday, 14 October 2013

Hail The Cross Seasonal Beanie

For today's post I went into my archives and found some photos from a photo shoot I had a few months back with a dear mate of mine Thembi Mthembu of the Facebook page Lens Maniac. For this shoot well I didn't really go totally all out since I only pulled out a few items from my wardrobe basically my everyday look. Any one who knows me will know the love and pride i have for the 90's and more specifically the grunge era, after all I am a 90's babe.

Today I chose to focus not on the overall styling for the shoot but on the beanie. Well beanies have been trending like red velvet cup cakes this year from super model Cara Delevingne to the global pop singing sensation Rihanna who also loved this head gear so much as to make it part of her A/W collection for Rihanna for River Island.
I know some of you might be asking yourselves why am I busy talking about an item which is suitable for winter? Shoot me if you have to but I feel this trending item isn't about to go collect dust on our closets. Any day you can come up with a new excuse to rock your styling beanie. The one I'm rocking here is a black studded beanie lined with a piece of chiffon (for that prima-donna of the gutter feel) which I had made myself.

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