Monday, 7 October 2013

Breakfast Affairs

Hangover from some mean place probably called Hell after hours at a shoot and some celebration the previous night. My friends Melo (who was debuting her new black and white Nike Air Max) and my ever so stylish sweety-pops Kanya reckon it's been a minute since we actually got together and had some healthy food without some booze (hahaha). So we got up and threw on whatever we could find on our wardrobes.

Melo dressed in a lovely floral dress, bowler hat, Nike Air Max and threw in a straw bag at it. I must say this was one of my favorite looks from this lovely lady, the most beautiful thing about her is that she always know how to choose clothes which work well with her silhouette and always dares to flirt with color.
Kanya is not your oh so typical type of fashion loving girl. She just knows how to #werkIt, a true fashion daredevil I tell you. Here she chose to dress up in her mini dungaree dress, grey crop top, snap back and a hot pair of gold trimmed shades.

Well I was minimal monochrome vibes, I opted for black skinny jeans, a white over sized tee, vintage shades and a vanity case just for control (hahaha). Like I had said this wasn't one of those premeditated fashion moments just minimalist hangover styling. Who knew breakfast could be so fashionable?

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