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Kurt Cobain: A Tortured Icon x 20th Anniversary

Icon! deemed "a tortured soul"

In the previous year when I first started blogging I made it very clear how much of a grunger I am and this wasn't a totally conscious choice for me, I guess that's usually the whole point after all no one chooses to be a misfit in society. I know in fashion (last season) the whole 90's grunge era became a huge inspiration for countless fashion houses and now everyone is suddenly a self-proclaimed 'grunge girl/boy' even those who have a chimpanzee's understanding when it comes to grunge. (side note I'm no expert either but...) Well that's a subject for another day as today is only about the man who has been mainly credited for the grunge era, Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain died at age 27, twenty years ago on the 5th of April in his home, his body was only found on the 8th of April (which makes this article almost relevant).

Like most people who loved and still do love Nirvana and it's iconic leading man Cobain this day is used as a reflection of Cobain's influence in the world. Kurt Cobain or better yet his band Nirvana is somewhat one of the most iconic bands of all time.
In his suicide note Kurt spoke about how much he never felt as if he gave enough to his fans, how he felt he didn't allow the love from thousands of fans consume him and enjoy the feeling.
For sometime I always felt quite sad about the fact that Kurt had chosen to take his life at such a tender age and at the very prime of his fame. It is this year on the 20th anniversary of his death I have fully understood that Mr Cobain had done it all, he had reached his destiny, with just 3 albums his band had reached the kind of fame which takes decades to acquire, he had not only changed the face of rock music but popular culture as a whole. Kids who were misfits, who hardly cared about what society had to say about their look felt normal and part of society (actually society tried emulating them) because of Kurt Cobain
His life story has inspired a lot of people in different genres of music, he has been quoted and mentioned in a number of songs. From the perspective of the fashion industry he provided what might be said to be the last NEW era, all that came after the 90's was partly a reflection of the past infused with whatever is happening in pop culture at that particular time.
One of Vogue Italia's most famous grunge editorial 

Kurt's Legacy: Grunge still a major influence in the fashion industry and pop culture 

He had done his part and pop culture's history is proof to that. By this I do not mean we should no longer mourn his death or honor his legacy but let us be happy that he was brave enough to do what he felt was right not only for himself but for his wife, daughter and adoring fans.

"Its better to burn out than to fade away"

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