Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bloggers Go Wild x 1st Zulu Safaris Tour

As bloggers we always meet when attending events like launches and press conferences but we hardly have fun together cause well usually we just meet for an hour or two then part ways.
1st Zulu Safaris in collaboration with SABloggers chose to give us an experience of a lifetime in the wild with a day tour of KZN's best nature sites.

So this was the deal: take 6 Durban bloggers namely, Selloane Moeti of All Beside Us, Nothando Tembe Head over Heels, Faeema Sader of The Sparkling Labyrinth, Lelo Meslani of Purple Neptune World, Thanda of Besides Us (who couldn't make it shame, your loss brother man). Add two readers of SABloggers through winning a competition, and well the eccentric founder of SABloggers Sandy Nene you get a whole day of craziness literally stringed by laughter and chats about anything and everything.
Travelling with the tour operator Christo Spetsiotis who seemed to be just as happy to be going on this tour (talk about loving your job hey).

This tour was not just fun it was quite educational and also created memories which are to be kept forever. We started off at the Lion Park, where we met Simba's (of the Lion King) relatives just when they started chasing our car we dashed off to see elephants in all their humongous glory until they all wanted to touch us at the same time (I guess big buddies forgot how big they're for a moment).
Somehow most of these kids had a secret memo going on about how they all were going to wear animal prints (I know right, so predictable)
Speaking of prints, you ever wondered why some people love animal prints so much? Well its because they're one of the most beautiful and breathtaking prints in nature. From Zebra's to Giraffes and snakes, mother nature gave them thee best prints.
While I'm still on about snakes, I know I should be the last one teasing people who are freaked out by the little slitherins but I have to say Selloane takes her own title here.
Okay, it seems I'm already spilling too much tea let me allow the pictures do the rest of the talking.

If you also want to go on a tour with 1st Zulu Safaris go to their websites for prices and Christo said he's working on new packages which will cost just under a thousand rand for tours which usually cost more than 2K.

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