Monday, 23 December 2013

The Epic Funsunzi Beach Festival

Durban is most definitely the place to be during festive season. With warm weather and vibey atmosphere, its hartd not to love this city.
Maynards in association with Durban's number 1 radio station East Coast Radio have come up with a way to make this summer even more fun and juicy. They're doing this through one of the coolest beach festivals.The Funsunzi Beach Festival, this is just a way to make a juicy summer even juicer with the kaboom type of burst from the wide selection of Maynards and out of this world entertainment from some of the best radio DJs from East Coast Radio.

The Funsunzi Beach Festival began on the 19th in Margate then moved to Suncoast Beach on the 21st with breakfast show radio DJ Darren Maul. Today they've taken the kaboom juiceness to the last stop which is the Willard Beach in Ballito.
The festival is a perfect place for families to come have fun from splashes in Maynard pools, to all sorts of games burtsing with flavor.

If you're in Ballito its not too late to catch the Funsunzi Beach Festival, since tomorrow, the 24th of December Maynards and East Coast Radio will still be bringing you the juiciest summer fun.
If you thought this was gonna be a bland summer you just got a major kaboom burst of juicy Maynards all over your face. And there's more than just edible candy, there's a lot more eye candy.

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