Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Versace Loves Gaga x Spring/Summer Campaign

A few weeks ago when Lady Gaga's latest album was leaked everyone got the taste of what was to be a rather bland offering from the Applause singer. With a few favorites from the fans in the lines of Gyspy, Venus and Do What U Want which features R&B legend R Kelly, it was hard to overlook Donatella. The track which is named after the creative dierctor of Versace just went to show how much Lady Gaga values her relationship with the brand. 
Soon after the official release of the singer's long awaited album, it was officially announced that Gaga would be posing for Versace on their spring/summer 2014 campaign. I must say this may be one of the few good things that might have come out of Artpop which doesn't seem to be doing quite well on the charts plus the reviews haven't been close to great either. 

Monday,my serving of whats hot online had to be the Versace Loves Gaga amongst her entrance at AMA's on a human horse in Versace, obviously. Lady Gaga channels the brand's creative director look on the campaign with long straightened blonde hair and minimum accessories. Personally I believe this campaign is enthralling in way, Mother Monster is known for her outrageous, avant-garde style as her everyday look but this campaign sees her in a very clean and elegant style. She looked super chic and uhm (healthy) on that tight bandage dress. This just goes to prove that sometimes less is more even for Mother Monster.

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