Monday, 21 July 2014

Back to Black

For some time I have been rather neglecting my blog and that's not because I no longer care about my readers or anyone who's interested in my online life which has ultimately became my life basically. During the short hiatus I took a lot had been happening within my little big world of fashion and the whole fashion industry itself. The menswear collections, haute couture week and the great Vodacom Durban July which has grown to be one of the country's most anticipated fashion and horse racing event in the continent. Well if you had been following the blog prior to this year's extravaganza you will know that the one event I was most excited about was Gateway's VDJ Preview Fashion Show & Concert. 

The show and concert were all sorts of amazing but as you know that such events are more than just about the designers or the performers it is also about networking, meeting new people in your industry both those who you have always followed their work online and the ones who you occasionally struck a conversation with by the bar counter. 
For this event which consumed all of my energy in the right ways, I wore an all black outfit (who knew black could be so loud) but let the pictures do all the talking even though I gave up on my lip colour 2hrs through the night.

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